Message from the President

Dear Colleagues,

Today, it is evident that the era of cheap raw material is irreversibly in the past. Moreover, the limits on natural resources and the constant growth of the planet’s  population set us an aim to ensure that the use of the remainder of our mineral resources base is effective, especially our hydrocarbons.

The key to a successful solution to the problem mentioned above lies in a union of modern science and production sector and also in the immediate implementation of new technological ideas and developments in production.

The shareholders’ business network of Advanced Technology and Engineering Ltd. (ATEL), which includes an investment company, Mill Wheel Ltd (PR of China), a leading Russian engineering company, CJSC Incor Engineering, Techoil International Ltd (United Kingdom) and also the large Russian industrial companies, Dvigatelmontage-NK and Centremontageavtomatika JSC, permits the provision to ATEL’s customers of a full service, ranging from technical ideas to finished product output, through development of corresponding technological solutions, engineering and production of required industrial equipment, its delivery, installation, customers’ staff training and residual maintenance services.  

Today, ATEL is offering to its customers the brand new technology of bio protein GAPRIN® production from natural gas, which is protected by international patents and trademarks that have no analogues in the world. The availability of GAPRIN® allows our customers to carry out projects in the sphere of animal breeding and poultry industry in such countries where yesterday it was impossible because of the lack of necessary animal-food supplements.

ATEL also offers a number of other advanced industrial technologies relating to chemistry, petro-chemistry and production of polymers.

Moreover, one of the main activities of ATEL is the development of new production technologies based on our clients’ technical assignments.

Affiliated with ATEL, engineering and industrial enterprises have successfully carried out more than 500 sizable projects in many parts of the world and this can be considered as reliable evidence of the Group’s capacity for high quality execution. You can get more detailed information about the projects mentioned above or about others aspects of the activity of  Advanced Technology and Engineering Ltd in the corresponding sections of this Website.

We are willing to answer all your questions and we hope that this will be the beginning of long lasting and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Christian Collinot
Group of Companies ATEL