Goals and objectives

The main objective of the Group of Companies ATEL is to provide its customers with a full range of engineering and construction services, from technological and technical ideas to a fully operational modern industrial enterprise or a complex of combined installations, including the execution of the full scope of the preparatory phase of the project, the development of Feasibility Studies and Financial Studies in the format required by investors and/or creditors and the physical creation of an industrial facility as EPC-constructor.

Since the basis of the current innovative economy is continuously developing high technology, Group of Companies ATEL offers to its customers a number of unique chemical and petrochemical technologies, confirmed by international patents. Among these technologies, the first to be mentioned should be protein production from natural gas.

All our technologies and technical solutions take into account fully the most stringent requirements for environmental protection, safety and energy efficiency of industrial facilities.

In the course of each project implementation, the  Group of Companies ATEL is  fully capable of successfully executing the following:

  •   Adaptation and/or Development of refining, petro chemistry, chemistry and microbiology technologies  to the customers’ conditions and requirements (including construction of pilot plants);
  •   Conceptual design for creation of new industrial equipment and installations;
  •   Preparation of project documentation;
  •   Engineering of any complexity and at all stages of works and supplies, executed both in the office and on the construction site;
  •   Design and supervision of manufacturing and supply of complex and non-standard equipment and installations and also starting-up and commissioning works; and
  •   Project management based on FEED and/or EPC with the "turn-key" delivery.